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Having a tremendous amount of legal experience and talent, Hollaway & Gumbert is dedicated to upholding the law and defending your rights. We focus on you. Count on us to be your champion and provide you with the solid legal representation and counsel you deserve.


Litigation and Appeals

Our firm has handled numerous litigation matters, from smaller cases involving consumer's rights to much larger, complex business litigation. Most of our firm's clients are corporations and other business entities, however, the firm maintains the philosophy that justice is not only for businesses, corporations and institutional clients. We constantly strive to serve our clients' interests with integrity and discretion; and we remain focused on what will achieve the best result for our client. An individualized, outcome-driven strategy is planned and executed for every client's case.

Corporation and Business Entity Law

The firm offers legal counsel to entrepreneurs and existing companies in the area of choosing a form of business entity, creating the entity, buying, selling or merging with other businesses.

This area of practice also frequently involves aspects of employment law, depending on the size of the client's organization.

Insurance Law

Our firm offers legal representation in connection with most types of insurance claims. We litigate insurance claims in state and federal court, as well as in arbitration, where applicable. Such matters include: property and casualty claims, health insurers, health plans and managed care organizations, disability insurance, business claims, including errors and omissions (E&O) coverage, intentional and non-intentional torts, and failure to tender a defense by the insurer.

Health Care Law

Healthcare is an environment of constant change and constant challenge. At a time when operational budgets are being stretched to the limit, our healthcare clients are still expected to provide clinical excellence and top-notch customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Truly, it is a field unlike any other. Healthcare is also an environment where numerous fields of law converge and impact the provider in different ways. We understand and appreciate the pressures felt by physicians, hospital administrators, C-suite executives and others serving in these professions.

Our firm has had strong ties to the dynamic healthcare professions since its inception. Our healthcare clients are located throughout Texas and the Southwestern and Southestern United States. Our attorneys work with CEOs, CFOs, COOs, VPs, other healthcare executives, as well as physicians to serve their legal needs in numerous areas of the law.

Hollaway & Gumbert is well known as an advocate of the interests of healthcare providers. Examples of healthcare clients we represent include:

  • Hospitals/Hospital Systems
  • Physicians and Physicians Groups
  • Home Health and Home Infusion
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals
  • Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals
  • Psychiatric and Chemical Dependency Treatment Facilities

Labor and Employment Law

Our firm offers labor and employment law services to employers and others requiring counsel in this area. Compliance for employers is critical, so we work diligently to keep our clients informed of the constantly changing landscape in this area. This would include matters such as:

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act in connection with job applicants, etc.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act and comparable state laws.
  • Older Workers Benefits Protection Act and ADEA.
  • Employment Contracts.
  • Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in connection with at-will and/or contract employees.
  • Workers' Compensation plans as alternatives to traditional workers' compensation insurance.
  • Employee Benefits, including compliance with ERISA and COBRA.

Administrative Law

Administrative Law encompasses laws and legal principals governing the administration and regulation of government agencies (both Federal and state). Such agencies are delegated power by Congress (or in the case of a state agency, the state legislature) to act as agents for the executive. Generally, administrative agencies are created to protect a public interest rather than to vindicate private rights. At Hollaway & Gumbert we represent both for profit and not-for profit clients before local, state and federal regulatory departments and agencies. Examples would include matters such as applications for required permits, regulatory compliance, responding to audits or requests to audit, civil penalties or fines, and also payment disputes governed by state or federal agencies.

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